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About Us

About Pro Care

Why health care at home?

1. Designed to meet the needs of each individual patient.
2. It allows more freedom and independence. It reduces anxiety.
3. Reducing the suffering of the patient and his feeling of comfort, safety and psychological support in a family atmosphere.
4. Control of infections that can occur while they are in the hospital.

Home Care
Senior Care

Putting the medical program under the supervision of a group of the best specialized consultant doctors Each patient is assigned a highly qualified nurse. Our home care ensures that the appropriate medical team is selected for each disease and that is appropriate for the patient’s age, personality and condition. Helping patients recover better and healthier. Providing home health care at a simplified economic cost.

Who We Are

Years of Experience in Home Care & Private Nursing

Pro Care center uses the highest standards of trust and quality, which reinforces and supports our commitment to providing high-quality services to patients. We offer you and your family a range of home medical services. You can choose the right time for your visit within 24 hours, seven days a week, from highly qualified specialists. Our services include home care for all ages Regardless of the health condition and many of the many services we offer

Our Mission

Improving the level of medical services with high quality and a high level of expertise and efficiency. Reducing the patient's suffering and feeling comfortable, safe and psychological support in a family atmosphere
Reducing the rate of hospitalization for those suffering from chronic diseases Involve and inform people of the right information, so that they can better take charge of their own health and wellness needs

Our Vision

Pro Care Medical is committed to providing you with the best medical advice with the best medical assistance at the most competitive prices.
Follow international service standards and personal care
Provide the support and cultural, linguistic and locational sensitivity that visitors need

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Our Motive is Helping Patients From Around the Globe

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